Can Anyone Take Advantage of Invisalign?

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Most people are already familiar with the orthodontic treatment that straightens the teeth more discreetly. Due to this approach, people who have always thought of the service as bothersome instead of helpful can now change their minds.

As much as people want to take advantage of a particular dental service because of the benefits it offers, some instances make it less likely. So for patients to get an idea about their candidacy for Invisalign, here is a list we at Greenwich Smiles have prepared below.

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Patient commitment is key

Although the traditional treatment also requires the involvement of the patient, Invisalign needs it even more. Clear aligners are not bonded on the teeth; instead, the removable molded trays are worn over the upper and lower dental arches. Due to its removability, it is easier for patients to forget (intentionally or not) about the proposed schedule of its wear. It is possible for them to ignore wearing the appliance for days or even weeks. That said, people who think they cannot commit to wearing Invisalign for 20 to 24 hours every day should consider another option.

It became more versatile

When it first came out, Invisalign was not able to cover the same issues traditional orthodontics can fix. But now, as improvements were continuously made. More and more people are assured that the clear aligner would suit their needs.

Most insurance cover the treatment

One of the most common concerns of patients when it comes to any procedure is its cost. Believe it or not, this is no longer much of a problem since most dental plans now cover Invisalign. But before making any assumptions, it is best to consult the dentist and the insurance company to know whether the treatment can be included or not since there can be a few conditions to be met.

Consult an orthodontist

The best way for people to know if they are good candidates for Invisalign treatment is by scheduling an initial consultation with the dentist. Doing so will allow them to check the current state of the teeth then determine the best course of action to take in moving the teeth to their proper places.

If you happened to be a good candidate for the treatment, make sure to follow the instructions given by the dentist strictly. Doing so ensures that outstanding results can be achieved in record time!

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