Don’t Let Them Steal Your “Pearly-Whites” in Greenwich, CT

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Healthy white teeth add up to the aesthetics of the mouth. Having healthy teeth is essential in maintaining a more attractive demeanor. It boosts everyone’s confidence to show off their wide smiles. However, unhealthy and discolored teeth are unideal and may be one of the factors to drop the person’s self-esteem.

Greenwich Smiles helps patients achieve healthier and whiter teeth with the help of Teeth Whitening procedure. We offer two most advanced teeth whitening treatments such as Zoom! And In-house professional-strength whitening products.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening are very common today. Many, including celebrities, opted for a teeth whitening treatment because of its compelling ability to whiten the teeth making it look cleaner and brighter for a perfect smile. However, after a teeth whitening treatment, you cannot guarantee the longevity of its effect. It is best to follow these different tips to keep your pearly-whites as white as it can be:


  • Watch what you eat. After your teeth whitening treatment, you will make some adjustments, especially to your diet. Since food is the number one factor that contributes to the discoloration of the teeth, you might want to be picky about the food that you eat; this might save your teeth and your budget as well. A stained-teeth might need you to repeat the whole teeth whitening process, thus, making you spend again. For food, avoid dark staining food that contains a lot of colors like curry, tomato sauces, and all other fruits except bananas. Also, drinking your water instead of tea, coffee, soda or other alcoholic drinks is a must.


  • Observe proper oral care. While brushing and mouth rinsing cleanses your mouth and your teeth, be careful to stay away from bleaching solutions that might cause to weaken your enamel and might lead to tooth erosion. Also, observe the right timing of brushing your teeth. Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating. Wait for at least an hour to brush your teeth.


It is also advisable to go for a follow-up checkup to your dentist regularly to maintain healthy teeth. A professional cleaning performed by the dentist will give you deeply cleaned teeth.

Let us help you improve the appearance and form of your teeth! Book your appointment with us at Greenwich Smiles for your Teeth Whitening Services in Greenwich. We are located at 2 Benedict Place, Greenwich, CT 06830.