Dua Lipa Cancels the Show for Her Wisdom Teeth! – Greenwich, CT

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If you are a fan of the phenomenal singer Dua Lipa, you might probably feel heartbroken upon knowing that the performer canceled her gig. Or it can also be that you will cry in disappointment after learning the “less earth-shaking” excuse. To get things straight, the British performer Dua Lipa postponed two of her world tour dates with Bruno Mars fortunately for a good reason: to treat her wisdom teeth.

In one of the singer’s tweet, she said that she had been performing bearing the pain brought by her wisdom teeth. “As advised by my dentist and oral surgeon, I have had to have them imminently removed,” she added.


wisdom teeth removal


So what’s the deal with wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth, the oral issue dealt by Dua Lipa is a common occurrence to every young adult. It is usually between the ages of 18-24 that the wisdom teeth, or the last set of molars, start to appear. Their emergence, however, can be very troublesome. In some cases, these types of teeth may develop but fail to erupt fully. In other words, the teeth become “impacted.”

Irregular positioning of the tooth and lack of space in the jaw are the two typical effects of impacted wisdom teeth. To avoid the third molars from creating problems in the mouth, having them removed is recommended. Here at Greenwich Smiles, we provide Teeth Extraction services to help you get rid of an infected tooth, overcrowding and impacted wisdom teeth. Our dentist makes use of local anesthesia for your comfort.

Indeed, wisdom teeth are painful. So before it leads to serious oral complications in the future, you should decide to have them extracted by the dentist. It is also suggested to have your wisdom teeth removed even before symptoms appear. Diagnostic tests and x-rays cannot accurately identify whether or not the teeth will cause trouble – or when will the issue associated with impacted wisdom teeth begin to peak in. The key is to have your teeth, as well as your overall oral health, monitored.

If you are in the age where wisdom teeth are expected to emerge, remember to always comply with routine dental checkups. Doing so will prevent you from canceling your plans solely because you need to undergo surgery – like in the case of Dua Lipa!


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