Gross Things to Avoid in Your Toothbrush – Greenwich, CT

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Brushing the teeth has become a natural part of life. We at Greenwich Smiles recommend our patients to practice proper oral hygiene daily by spending approximately two minutes every time they brush their teeth. An appropriate technique of brushing can go a long way in keeping the oral health in great condition.


Girl with Toothbrush


As much as the humble toothbrush helped people to achieve a clean mouth, it is as well necessary to be replaced every three months or as soon as the bristles fray for maximum functionality. Along with changing them on a regular basis, proper care and maintenance must also be observed to keep your toothbrush well-sanitized and to avoid accumulating these unwanted things:

E. Coli

If you are fond of placing your toothbrush near the toilet bowl, you might probably allow fecal matters to be trapped on the bristles every time you flush. Once the poop is aerosolized by flushing, the deposited bacteria such as an E. Coli might spread directly to the toothbrush. The dental instrument, when loaded with E.Coli can actually make the person using it sick. The bacteria itself is incorporated with gastrointestinal disease.

Food Debris

Did you know that the thing that you ate last night might still be on your toothbrush today? Prevent leftover particles and get rid of the bacterias by washing the tool before putting it in your mouth. You can use potable water or mouthwash to clean the bristles.


Yeast infections and diaper rash are commonly caused by the fungus called candida. The mouth too can be affected by the yeast infection once the species called Candida albicans spread. Moreover, the harmful particles are also said to impact the children’s oral health as it is linked to the increasing decay rates in kids. Those who got the infection are found out to have candida reservoirs on their toothbrushes.

By storing your toothbrushes in the right place and cleaning them before and after use, you can eliminate the risk of exposing the instrument to these three gross and harmful substances. The toothbrush serves as a weapon to clear out the different bacterias in the mouth and ensure the oral health. Besides brushing the teeth twice daily, Regular Dental Checkups with us at Greenwich Smiles can help patients achieve a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums for a lifetime.


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