Have a Positive Denture Experience in Greenwich, CT with These Tips!

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It seems that over the years, dentures have gained a reputation of being an uncomfortable appliance due to its removability. Unfortunately, this became a contributing factor that caused people to ditch the thought of restoring their lost smiles with dentures.




At Greenwich Smiles, we assure our patients that the dentures we offer are improved using better materials and techniques for its creation. Aside from this, our team is ready to prepare some tips that can help every denture wearer have a positive experience with their restored smiles. Continue reading!

Handle with Care

Patients should make it their priority to take care of their appliance for it to serve its purpose for many years. When cleaning, make sure to stand over a soft towel with a sink filled with water. It comes in handy if the appliance is accidentally dropped to avoid breakage. Make sure to also use a toothbrush with soft bristles to prevent harming the fake teeth and the base that holds it together to maintain its appearance.

Stay Hydrated

Some studies point out the contribution of dry mouth to the increase of tooth decay and even gum irritations. Denture wearers are more likely to experience dry mouth, so it is vital to drink water to replenish lost liquids. Saliva, believe it or not, is not only an important part of digestion but in keeping the mouth clean as well. It is essential for denture wearers too since it keeps the appliance moist.

Consider Adhesives

It is crucial to secure the placement of the oral appliance in the mouth to avoid any unnecessary discomfort and also to function well when eating and talking. Consult a dental professional for their opinion on the best type of dental adhesive to use.

Avoid Certain Foods

Although newer dentures are now more stable and durable, it is important for patients not to eat sticky and hard foods. Not only can it potentially cause the appliance to break, but it can also cause discomfort and pain to the patient.

Schedule Dental Visits

Wearing an artificial dental appliance does not mean that the patient is exempted to routine visits. Dentures deserve the same care and attention as natural teeth, so it is best to follow the recommended schedule given by the dentist. During visits, any problem in the appliance or the oral structures can be properly diagnosed to provide immediate dental attention.

Make sure to take note of any instructions given by the dentist such as the recommended wear time of the appliance every day, dental products to use, and more.


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