Historical Facts That Can Make You Consider Regular Dental Visits – Greenwich, CT

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To others, being told to brush their teeth or to see the dentist may be bothersome. In the past, dental visits done every six months is not a regular thing to do. Today, although many people recognize its benefits to the overall wellness, others still avoid doing so due to fear, costs, and other factors. There is no denying that dentistry has significantly evolved over the years. If before it is hard to find someone who is qualified to perform oral health care, now it is harder to pick the best toothbrush or toothpaste to use!



At Greenwich Smiles, we encourage our patients to schedule regular dental visits every six months since we believe that it is a great practice to maintain. It allows us to keep track of our patients’ oral health status and look for any irregularities that need immediate attention.

To make patients realize the advantages of dental health care, let us take you back in time with these historical facts!

  • Nowadays, everyone knows that the ones who handle oral health care are dentists. Several years ago, dental patients sought barbers instead! Yes, barbers. Not only do they handle haircuts but extractions and teeth whitening as well.
  • Most patients are hesitant to undergo any dental procedures because they assume that dental works are always associated with pain. Thankfully, there are now various options to make treatments more pleasant. Just imagine how painful it is to have a tooth extracted before the year 1903 where the German physicist named Alfred Einhorn had not yet invented Novocain, a type of local anesthetic.
  • Having tooth decay is indeed disturbing. How much more if you are told to have tooth worms! People from 5000 B.C used to blame tooth worms for causing the breakdown of the teeth.
  • Believe it or not, the only cure for people with an aching tooth in Medieval Germany is to kiss a donkey!
  • People from the New Stone Age or Neolithic Age devised a way to fill in cavities with the use of beeswax.
  • Tooth extraction was once the answer to various aches and pain. Barbers and monks used to perform the procedure even if the cause of the medical issue remains a mystery.


Have these dental facts before the advances in dentistry convinced you to visit the dentist? That’s good news! Let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth with the help of Regular Dental Checkups in Greenwich, CT. Call us at Greenwich Smiles.