Reasons Why Every Athlete Should Wear a Mouth Guard

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Dental injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. Despite the precautions taken by a person, it is still possible for them to chip a tooth while eating popcorn or enjoying an ice popsicle. How much more when playing sports!

For people who love sports, they are sure to secure all the sports gear and equipment they need during games. However, aside from headgears, shoes, and pads, it is also best for them to include mouth guards in their arsenal. Mouth guards, as its name suggests, is a type of oral appliance that aims to protect not only the teeth but the other oral structures against accidental and forceful contacts. Despite wearing a headgear, there is no guarantee that the mouth will be safe from any harm. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. 


For everyone to understand more about mouth guards, we at Greenwich Smiles prepared a list of benefits to educate patients about the importance of wearing a mouth guard. Continue reading below.

  • The cost of getting a custom-made mouth guard is much lesser compared to the expense of undergoing treatment for an oral injury. Losing a tooth or two during a game can cost even more due to dental restorations or complications.
  • Believe it or not, over 600,000 ER visits annually are related to sports dental injuries. That is why mouth guards are recommended when playing sports including lacrosse, boxing, soccer, football, hockey, lacrosse, and wrestling.
  • If an athlete is wearing a fitting mouth guard, the soft tissues in the mouth are guarded against the sharp surfaces of the teeth that can cause cuts. The possibility of acquiring jaw, teeth, and joint injuries as well as displacements can be avoided.
  • Athletes who are not wearing mouth guards are 60 times more prone to dental injuries than those who wear it. As per the 600,000 ER cases due to injuries, more than 200,000 can be prevented with mouth guards.
  • Although there are mouth guards that can be easily purchased over the counter, these still cannot compare to the advantages of the custom-made oral devices can offer. Since the latter option is made under the watchful hands of a dentist, patients can expect it to protect their teeth effectively. Plus, it provides better comfort, ease of cleaning, and easy breathing.

If you are interested in getting out custom-made Dental Mouth Guards in Greenwich, CT, call or visit us at Greenwich Smiles! Book an appointment to have your athletic needs assessed for the best possible appliance to be provided.