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General Dentistry in Greenwich, CT

At Greenwich Smiles, we take pride in our state-of-the-art dental services that help our patients achieve and preserve healthy, beautiful smiles.

  • Crowns & Bridges: Our practice offers natural-looking porcelain crowns and bridges for people who have severely damaged or missing teeth.
  • Dentures: Teeth can be lost due to injury or oral health problems. Regardless of the reason, we offer our patients dentures as a tooth replacement option. These can be fixed or removable.
  • Mouth Guards: A mouth guard is an oral appliance that is worn over the teeth. Dental injuries are quite common while playig sports, mouth guards protect the teeth against blows and injuries that can occur during contact sports and activities Wearing a mouth guard can not only help in preventing cracks, chips and fractures to the teeth but can also protect the lips, inner cheeks, gums and even the lower jaw.
  • Regular Checkups: Regular dental checkups are comprised of a comprehensive assessment of your oral health, screenings for oral cancer, a professional dental cleaning and if neccessary, digital X-rays.
  • Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by pauses in breathing or shallow breaths during your sleep. We offer oral appliance therapy for the effective treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings: We offer tooth-colored fillings to restore the appearance and function of damaged teeth.

Schedule your general dental care appointment by calling us at (203) 542-9333. Our office is located at 25 Valley Drive Greenwich, CT 06831.

Our Happy Patients

"Dr. Tramposch is so lovely. Since moving to the area a year ago, I pushed off finding a local dentist and would drive hours out of the way to go to the one I felt comfortable with. When my wisdom teeth started to grow in a few months ago, I was in a great deal of pain. I called Dr. Tramposch's office in hopes of getting an appointment. Although he was booked for the day, he managed to squeeze me in and did everything he could to ensure I didn't leave the office in pain. He continued to call me and check in on how I was doing for up to two weeks after. I can say I've found my new local/favorite dentist office that I truly enjoy going to."

Taylor M.

"My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Tramposch for close to 15 years, and he also takes care of our 3 kids' dental needs. He is consistently voted a top dentist by his peer group and has referred me to equally competent specialists for any issues related to wisdom teeth, etc. Dr. T is very flexible, patient, and always works well with the insurance companies to ensure that we are reimbursed properly. We never have to wait, and he deals expertly with any issues that arise. He also does a great job with our 5 year old son who is afraid to have his teeth cleaned. Most of all, he and his staff are very pleasant and great to visit twice a year. Highly recommend!"

Michelle C.

"I love Dr. Tramposch!! He is professional but fun, especially with our daughter and always very kind. Every time I go there he always puts me at ease and listens to my concerns. He is very thorough and takes his time when addressing what the next step should be (if any) and answers my questions in ways that I can understand. I always leave feeling taken care of, he is a great dentist. His new dental assistant Vira is so delicate with cleaning my sensitive teeth! And Diana is such a sweet girl, always cordial on the phone. I recommend this practice a million times over!"

Janine C.
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